We are experienced in assessing, recommending and sourcing equipment from our trusted local suppliers. Where appropriate we can arrange equipment demonstrations to ensure individuals can make an informed choice prior to purchase.

Daily Living Aids

We assess, recommend and supply a range of daily living aids to assist with everything from dressing too toileting. With so many options available from catalogues and the internet, having an Occupational Therapy assessment can ensure suitable equipment is supplied to meet individual need and support independence.

Walking Aids

We assess, recommend and supply a range of mobility aids such as walking sticks, rollators and four-wheeled walkers.

Kitchen Aids

We assess, recommend and supply a variety of small pieces of equipment to support with drinking, eating and meal preparation.

Bathings Aids

We assess, recommend and supply a range of aids to assist with accessing washing facilities. Whether you need a long handled sponge or a bath lift, we can assist with sourcing suitable equipment to support independence with personal care.


It is essential individuals have access to suitable seating that provides good postural support and comfort. From static seating to high backed armchairs, rise recliner chairs, specialist seating and chair beds, we can assess, recommend and source suitable seating for your functional and postural needs. We can provide bespoke made to measure products to complement your dimensions, ensuring you are comfortable whilst seated. We work closely with local reputable suppliers who have access to a range of products on the market, ensuring the right product is recommended for your requirements. As Occupational Therapists, we always consider the impact of health conditions and how these might change over time, ensuring that our recommendations will meet current and long term needs.


As Occupational Therapists, we understand the impact poor sleep can have on functional ability, therefore it is imperative that individuals have access to a bed that offers comfort and functions that can increase independence. We understand that adjustable and profiling beds can often look clinical; with access to a range of trusted local suppliers we can identify a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and offers all of the functionality required to increase independence.

Mobility Scooters

With such a wide variety of scooter options, it's important to have a holistic Occupational Therapy assessment in conjunction with our trusted local suppliers to ensure that the right product is selected for you with suitable options for storage, charging and transportation.


Whether it is an attendant propel wheelchair so family can support individuals to access the local community, a self propel chair or powered chair to increase independence, off-road and all-terrain powered chairs for active wheelchair user, we assess holistically to ensure the right product is recommended. We work closely with our trusted local suppliers, who have access to a range of products on the market to meet individual changing need. As Occupational Therapists, we always consider the impact of health conditions and how these might change over time, ensuring that our recommendations will meet current and long term needs.

What our customer say

We value our customer feedback, so here is a few of our most recent reviews and testimonials.


David Alcock - Accommodation Expert - DMA Associates

It has been a pleasure working with Birrell Associates on major home adaptations for clients following serious injury. Their input has been invaluable in the design and specification stage, to ensure specific needs are considered and incorporated early in the process.

Excellent report

Case Manager HCML

Please pass on my thanks to Matt Birrell for his excellent report. It was extremely detailed and provided the reader with an excellent insight into the clients difficulties’ at this time.

Very knowledgeable

Christy Simpson - Case Manager - Beacon Case Management

We found Lucy to be very knowledgeable in regard to statutory funding and has helped the family to attain social services input for equipment. This was really important because of his funding restraints. Thank you for recommending her.

Committed to achieving the best outcome

Dr Claire McDonald - Psychologist - Positive Neuropsychology Solutions

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Matt Birrell. I was firstly impressed with the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of Matt’s initial assessment report and it has been clear that the intervention and support offered has been consistently tailored to the client’s personal values and needs, and has also included the impact & needs of the entire family. Matt has been a warm and supportive MDT colleague, providing detailed and regular updates- he is clearly committed to achieving the best outcome for clients and I would welcome any opportunity to work alongside him in future.

Thanks for your assessment

Private Client

Many thanks again for your comprehensive set of recommendations, Matt. You clearly have a very good eye to assess my needs and limitations, so we value your professional help.


Sonia Campbell-Thompson - Case Manager Unite - Unite Professionals

I have instructed Matt on a couple of case management cases recently where an equipment and adaptations OT has been required. I have been thrilled with his responsiveness, assessments, clinical reports and professional liaison.

Excellent Service

Private Client

I would like to pass on my personal thanks to Lucy for the manner in which she conducted the assessment with mum. She demonstrated outstanding professionalism along with entirely appropriate sensitivity, understanding and empathy and that is so very much appreciated. I would highly recommend you to friends and family.

Excellent OT to work with

Lynne Powell - Case Manager - Beacon Case Management

Client feedback following contact with Matt is always positive, and his assessments are thorough and concise. I work with Matt on a number of cases, he works closely with the client and their family, the case manager and the MDT, to move clients forward through their rehabilitation journey. Matt is an excellent OT to work with.

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